Baka Gbiné are Baka musicians from the village of Banana, near the Cameroon border with Congo, deep in the rainforest. Gbinéis their association and now becoming their village near the road. The crossroad between forest life and life in the outside world.

Using guitars, percussion, voices and dance they play modern songs heavily influenced by both their traditional music and the Congolese music they hear on the radio.

In 2004 & 2005 Martin Cradick set up a multi-track studio in the rainforest, powered by a solar panel & car battery. With mic stands built from branches and a traditional mongolu shelter to protect the recording equipment from rain, he recorded the album, Gati Bongo.     LISTEN

Released in April 2006, Gati Bongo has been in the US world music iTunes charts since then. Click on cover to hear album.

In April 2006 7 members of Baka Gbiné travelled to England to tour with Baka Beyond. In April 2007 an album Baka Live, recorded during this tour, is being released. A single, Kobo is out now on iTunes     LISTEN

Watch recording session in forest.   Watch Baka Gbiné with Baka Beyond live in UK

Download Baka Gbiné tracks at Bandcamp: