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Baka KidsIn 1992 Martin Cradick & Su Hart went to live with a group of Baka from a village called Banana near the Cameroon border with Congo. After playing and recording music with them they produced 2 albums, Heart of the Forest - recordings of the traditional music - and Spirit of the Forest - music inspired by and written with the Baka musicians and the first album released under the name "Baka Beyond". From the proceeds of these two records the charity Global Music Exchange was formed. The Baka women named this charity One Heart

music houseIn 2003 Global Music Exchange helped form an association for "The developement of the Baka of Banana" called "Gbiné" (help in Baka). One of the first projects that Gbiné embarked on was the building of a music house. The site on which the house was built soon became known as "Gbiné" as well and continues to grow into a Baka village. Due to the music that has come from Gbiné it is now very well known and respected in the nearest town, Moloundu, greatly increasing the Baka's confidence.

Building the Music House:
part 1: the mongolu music house
part 2: building the music house

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