Global Music Exchange
The charity set up by Baka Beyond to help indigenous people help themselves through their music. Have a growing number of projects with the Baka, and since 2005 have also been working in Ethiopia

Baka Beyond
The band inspired by the music of the Baka. also work with British based African musicians to produce a unique African-Celtic fusion.

Baka Forest People Workshops
Workshops run by Su Hart of Baka Beyond. Songs, rhythm, participation for all.

The Festival of a Thousand Stars
The festival in Arba Minch, Southern Ethiopia, that Global Music Exchange helped organise.

The Forest Peoples Program
Actively helping to protect the rights of indigenous forest people worldwide.

Cameroun Environment Development (CED)
Cameroonian NGO helping protect forest people's rights.

The World Rainforest Movement
The World Rainforest Movement is a proactive organisation helping indiginous forest people. Links to a wide range of rainforest-related sites can be found here.

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