Since the release of the groundbreaking "Spirit of the Forest" in 1993, Baka Beyond has evolved into a dynamic, multi-cultural live show which has played all over the world. From Brazil to Alaska, Norway to Spain, audiences have been enthralled by haunting Celtic harmony singing, drawn into the Cameroon rainforest by traditional forest yodelling (Yelli), and danced their socks off to irresistible African rhythms.

The touring core, based in UK, hails from Sierra leone, Congo, Cornwall, Wales and Northumberland. Together they create a unique and vibrant sound that fuses delicate guitar lines with African rhythms and heavyweight Congolese bass. Mix in some stunning vocals and a positive message of global unity and indigenous rights and you have a stage show second to none. Audiences emerge inspired and energised.

Baka Beyond has headlined many festivals such as Edmonton in Canada to 20,000 people, but they still love the intimacy of playing theatres and art centres. They have played one of the world's biggest music festivals, Glastonbury, a total of 16 times! Every gig has a sense of fun that turns a concert into an uplifting, inclusive party.

Baka Beyond was founded by Martin Cradick (co-founder of Outback) in 1990 after a 3 month visit to Cameroon with singer wife Su Hart. There they began a lifelong musical friendship with a group of Baka Pygmy hunter-gatherers deep in the rain forest. The trip inspired the award winning debut album "Spirit of the Forest" in 1993, which helped to define the term "World music" and pushed Baka Beyond into worldwide recognition.

To date they have recorded 7 studio albums and several live, including "Baka Live" (recorded whilst touring the UK with 7 Baka musicians) and "Live and Pedal-Powered" (on the audience-powered Rinky Dink Sound System). The earlier studio albums had guest artists recorded either "on location" in Africa or in Martin's studio in Bath, whilst they were visiting the UK.

For special gigs/tours Paddy Le Mercier
(Britanny, France) joins us on
violin & bombarde

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