In 2005 Global Music Exchange (GME), founded by band members Martin Cradick & Su Hart, was asked to help organise the Thousand Stars Festival in Arba Minch, Ethiopia. As soon as Martin saw the acts - his role was to record the festival and produce a CD (available on March Hare Music) - he knew he had to put on a silmilar festival in Cameroon.

In 2009 "the Adventurists" asked us to set up a stage and organise some bands for their end of rally party in Limbe, Cameroon. Since their would be a stage and PA up for the evening it was the perfect opportunity to hold a festival throughout the day.

On 16th January 2010 the festival of traditional music and dance took place in "Jungle Village" in the beautiful Botanic Gardens in Limbe. We called it "Under the Volcano" as we were between the sea and Mt Cameroon, an active volcano.

You can see photos and videos of the festival at the CAMEROON TOGETHER site.



Garaya from the Extreme North, Cameroon

Baka women performing Yelli dance

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