EtE - Nii Tagoe
Nii Tagoe
balafon, gomez, percussion, vocals

Nii Tagoe was born in Accra, Ghana, into a royal family from whom he inherited his talent for drumming, dancing and singing. He has a deep knowledge of the diverse dance and rhythmic traditions of Ghana and has been trained in dance in Zulu Land and throughout Central and West Africa. He came to Britain as a principal dancer and drummer in the Adzido dance company, has choreographed many dances, including Peter Gabriel's floor show at the London Millenium Dome, and runs his own dance company and band, “Frititi”. He has performed as a percussionist, singer and composer with Baka Beyond since 1998. Nii continues to study traditional African music as a foundation for his work.

  New album release date: 1st Nov 2001

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