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Since 1999 Martin Cradick, Nii Tagoe and Seckou Keita have all played together in the internationally acclaimed "Baka Beyond". In order to express a different side of their music they have formed a new project, "EtE" which means triangle in Gha (Nii's native tongue), and have released an album of the same name. With melodies to touch the heart, rhythms to touch the feet and virtuoso performances on balafon, kora, guitar and mandolin as well as a range of percussion, this is music to feed the soul!

Martin Cradick had his musical training by travelling the world and busking with musicians that he met along the way, music often being the only common language. He first started to draw from his international musical experiences by cofounding the original world music band "Outback". After living with the Bangombi (Baka Pygmies), playing music with them and being initiated into their dances he founded the group "Baka Beyond". Whilst being an accomplished guitarist and mandolin player he also has a unique ability to find the common elements of seemingly diverse musical traditions and to seamlessly combine them.

Nii Tagoe is from a leading family of master drummers and dancers from Ghana. He originally came to Britain as principal dancer and drummer in the Adzido dance company. He has since toured with "African Headcharge", run his own dance and drumming troupe, "Frititi" and found time to choreograph various dances including the floor show to Peter Gabriel's music at the Millenium Dome in London. He has a deep knowledge of the diverse dance and rhythmic traditions throughout Ghana as well as having trained in Zululand and throughout Central and West Africa. He has been touring and recording with Martin and Baka Beyond since 1998.

Seckou Keita is a griot and international performer with a fantastic musical family pedigree. He is descended from the famous founder and ruler of Mali, Sundiata Keita, but was raised by his mother's family (the famous Cissokho's) in Senegal and so inherited his griot tradition through her. Seckou is deeply influenced by his indigenous role as an historian, carrying his tradition through his songs. His experiences and travels throughout Europe, Scandinavia and India have also heavily inspired his music. Since his arrival in 1999, Seckou has played with many groups in the UK including Baka Beyond and with his own group Jamoral.

EtE have the ability to weave a spell that will enchant any audience and take them on a journey through uncharted musical waters. Mixing traditions, ancient and modern, from UK, Ghana and Senegal they show that we should relish the diversity of cultures in the world whilst rejoicing in our common language of music.

EtE will be touring the UK in March 2002.

  New album release date: 1st Nov 2001

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