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1. The Marriage of West with East
2. Nahwia's Dream
3. Beyond the Forest
4. Illa Dhuinn
5. Yoka
6. AnT-Oighr'Og
7. Cat's Cradle
8. Together Again
9. Babako
10. Song of the Hyrax

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"Martin Cradick weaves his magic spell again with the Baka music of the cameroon rainforest..... swings like crazy and deserves to be top of the World charts"
- Joe Boyd

Yelli is still sung to enchant animals by Pygmy women in the rainforests of Africa. This is singing for survival, developed through thousands of years of communicating in song with their forest world.

This is a collection of modern arrangements of ancient songs, highly listenable yet other worldly. By unravelling the interlocking vocal lines and replacing them with bass and guitar the roots of Reggae are revealed

"Cradick has created music that manages to be both eerily otherworldly and instantly accessible" - Dave Haslam, R2 (Rock n Reel)

"this is music with real depth and quality and a huge amount of charm. . . . real 'World Music' – crossing continents with a smile." - Andy Snipper,

Field recordings of the yelli are available on the sister album Baka in the Forest

For information about projects for the Baka women set up with royalties from this music go to the Global Music Exchange website at

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