.: Baka in the Forest :.

Baka in the Forest   -   March Hare Music   -   MAHA CD29


1 - 4   Twilight Yelli parts 1 - 4
5 - 6   Sakwé Ngombi parts 1 - 2
7 - 10   Firefly Yelli parts 1 - 4
11   Boboko
12   Anikó
13 - 15   Moonrise Yelli
16   Sakwé Ngombi part 3
17 - 19   Midnight Yelli parts 1 - 3
20   Song of the Hyrax (Yelli version)
21   Marie-Anne's Yelli
22   Liquindi (water drums)

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Thousands of years of survival as hunter-gatherers depended on powerful night-time ritual singing (Yelli) by Baka Pygmy women.

Five sisters are heard here singing into the rainforest, creating a delicate and skillful weave of sound. Contrasting with the communal singing are some exquisite tracks of solo forest yodelling, extraordinary for their combination of relaxation and precision. Water drumming and gentle forest-made instruments are also heard against the ambient insect soaked night.

20 years of visiting the same extended family, playing music together, and developing trust and friendship has made Su Hart's unique recordings possible.

A rare glimpse into an exquisite disappearing musical culture.

Modern arrangements of these ancient songs can be heard on the sister album Baka Beyond the Forest

For information about projects for the Baka women set up with royalties from this music go to the Global Music Exchange website at www.1heart.org

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