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Baka Beyond
now on iTunes music store

East to West (MAHA CD18) Released April 2002 (CD only)

Sogo (HNCD1450) Released March 2000 (CD only)


Unplugged (MAHA CD13) Released December 1999 (EP £8.99)

Journey Between (HNCD1415) Released April, 1998


Live and Pedal-Powered (MAHA CD11) Released June 1996 (CD only)

The Meeting Pool (HNCD1388) Released October, 1995

Spirit of the Forest (HNCD 1377) Released October, 1993


"Official Bootlegs" of Baka Beyond

Live recordings 2000 (CD only)

Fair Trade Traditional Music

Baka Forest People

Heart of the Forest (HNCD1378) Released October, 1993
Chipukizi wa Yesu Choir

Ruvuma Rhythms (RRCD1) Released 1999 (CD only)

Ruvuma Rhythms 2 (RRCD2) Released 1999 (CD only)

Rinky Dink Recordings

Live and Pedal-powered - Baka Beyond (MAHA CD11) Released June, 1996 CD only

Rinky Dink (MAHA CD12) Released June, 1998 CD only

Chardash (MAHA CD15) Released July 2000 (CD only)

Other Albums with Martin Cradick:

EtE (MAHA CD17) To be released November 2001
Rinky Dink (live pedal-powered digital recordings from Rinky Dink)


Rinky Dink Sound System (MAHA CD12) Released June 1998 (CD only)


Live and Pedal-Powered (MAHA CD11) Released June 1996 (CD only)
with Seckou Sousso


Kora & Mandolin (MAHA CD14) Recorded September 1998 (CD only)

Dance the Devil Away (HNCD1369) Released March, 1992

Baka (HNCD1357) Released October, 1990


Didgeridoo & Guitar (MAHA 004) Released Sept 1988 (cassette only)
Runaway Shopping Trolleys


Checkout Chillout (MAHA 009) Released June 1993
F.O.S. Brothers (guest appearance)


Without Reason (OTB 002) Released June 1999

Albums from Other Bands:

Daily Planet

The Big Scoop (GRPCD004) Released July, 1998 (CD only £12.99)

Clark's Secret (GRPCD003) Released March, 1997 (CD only £12.99)
Leon Hunt (of Daily Planet)

To Kill a Mockingbird (by Leon Hunt & Josh Clark) (GGRCD006) Released Dec 2004 (CD only £12.99)

Miles Apart (by Leon Hunt) (GRRCD005) Released July 2004 (CD only £12.99)

Traditional & Original Tunes for the 5 String Banjo (Book & CD package) (book1) Published 2000

Small Town (by Southern Exposure) (GRPCD002) Released 1992 (CD only £12.99)

Haven (Flatfish005CD) Released November 2005 (CD only £12.99)

Live (SmallCD 9405) Released January 1997 (CD only £10)

Rubai (flatfish004CD) Released April 2002 (CD only £12.99)

Flatfish (flatfish002CD) Released 1999 (CD only £12.99)

Something Beginning with S (CD3) Released 1999

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