Big Scoop by daily Planet

DAILY PLANET - The Big Scoop


1. The Big Scoop
2. Take Your Time
3. India [Listen] [Remix this track]
4. Boss [Listen]
5. Morning Would [Listen]
6. Crawdad
7. Soldiers Joy
8. Wild Horses
9. The 3rd Half
10. The Song of the Banjo
(bonus live tracks:)
11. A Fistfull of Fingers
12. Lochs of Dread/Cooley's Reel

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On their first album a couple of years ago, Daily Planet were a quartet playing bluegrass music with a few additions. A couple of personnel changes, the addition of a drummer and this album is a whole different kettle of fish. OK, they still use bluegrass as their base root, but then it's all hands to the pumps as influences from rap to blues, rock to classical, flood in. Take the first three tracks: 'The Big Scoop' is a laid back instrumental with some superb harmonica, guitar and banjo, performed with a slightly jazzy feel. 'Take Your Time' is contemporary soft rock with excellent guest vocals from Steve Robinson (ex-Innes Sibun); then comes 'India', almost trance dance, very 60s-flavoured and with some great vocal work from the inimitable Paul Bradley. So the album continues pulling this way and that, until the final three tracks which were recorded live and show the Planet at their best. The surprising thing is that, given all these differing styles and influences, there is a remarkable feeling of cohesion about the whole recording. This is undoubtedly the best album from a local band in the last decade and should go a long way to extending Daily Planet's reputation throughout the British music circuit.
Tony Slinger, Venue Magazine Aug/Sept 1998

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