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FLOOK - Live


1. Branholm / Trip to Herve's
2. Knocknamoe Jig / Custy's / Trip to Brittany
3. Jizique
4. Brian's Reel / Peter's Epic Journey
5. In Another Life
6. Blackberry Blossom / The Independence
7. The History Man
8. The Dub Reel

"Flute mania strikes! Flook have three of them, Brian Finnegan, Sarah Allen and Michael McGoldrick blowing and sucking with impassioned wit to create a sound that is charmingly unique. There is a certain instinctive magic about the interaction between the flutes that has nothing to do with studied technique or painstaking arrangements. They get up and do it and it sounds great. That's almost all you need to know." Folk Roots, March 1997

"Flook is Brian Finnegan and Michael McGoldrick on wooden flutes, Sarah Allen on metal flute and accordion, Ed Boyd on bazouki and guitar. It is all the more remarkable in its quality for being recorded live at last year's Sidmouth festival. The tunes are mostly new, the pace effortless, the standard of playing quite brilliant. Definitively traditional root, its style is a wandering in and out of jazz with beautifully-contrapuntal, mixed wind timbres. The "Knocknamoe Jig" holds to 6/ 8 time, variety of flutes affords the luxury of sticking to base metre while permitting adventure. "Jizique" slows tempo with alto flute and box. Call and response whistle/flute interplay, hoarse tonguing a la Herbie Mann, voice yelps and delicate guitar on The Dub Reel makes this the ultimate modern flute album.Ó The Irish Times, May 1997

ÒFlook's recipe for magic is simple - three flutes and one guitar. Actually, it is about half a dozen assorted and contrasted flutes, plus whistles of all sizes. The band's daringly different line-up, featuring Sarah Allen, Brian Finnegan and Mike McGoldrick, with guitarist Ed Boyd, creates a sound of marvellous vitality and quicksilver loveliness. The rich harmonic colour spectrum offered by their instruments' diverse voices is exploited with lavish generosity, but the real alchemic touch is provided by the textural and even percussive dimensions all three players engender through astonishingly deft and detailed tonguing effects.Ó The Scotsman, January 1997

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