Without Reason

FOS Brothers - Without Reason


1. When The Talking's Over
2. Like Before
3. Left Me Standing
4. Spanish Lady
5. Without Reason
6. Tipping it up to Nancy
7. Black is the Colour
8. Bad Attitude
9. The Night Visit
10. The Torture Never Stops
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In spite of the frightening image on the cover this is a great debut CD from one of the favourite bands of the UK festival circuit. Sam McCrory's voice shines through Dave McCrory's arrangements of an unusual collection of self-penned, traditional and cover songs. Not many other CDs will have Irish balads alongside Frank Zappa covers. Sam and Dave are joined by Paul Sax on Fiddle and Rom Dobbs on drums. There are also guest appearances from Paddy Le Mercier, Su Hart and Martin Cradick from Baka Beyond as well as Graham "Dr Didge" Wiggins.

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