Journey Between

BAKA BEYOND - Journey Between

1. Mbe
2. Migrations
3. Mountain Song
4. Konti [Listen]
5. Cotu
6. Land's End
7. Soiridh Leis[Listen]
8. Queen of Ngorongoro[Listen]

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JOURNEY BETWEEN is a fitting addition to a stunning and ever-evolving series. Martin Cradick's Cornish roots and violinist Paddy Le Mercier's Breton roots heavily influence the arrangements of both Celtic and Senegalese songs, while the spirit of the Baka binds it all together into a sound that is evocative and tranquil. Baka Beyond began recording JOURNEY BETWEEN while the Ghanaian band Kakatsitsi was touring England, which enabled group members Nii Tettey Tetteh, Addoteh Richter and Annor Asanioah to lay down traditional Ghanaian rhythms as the percussive root of the album. Later Martin, Su and their son Milo traveled to Ziguinchor in southern Senegal to help finish an album for the band Kassumai. While there, this musical family recorded the African vocals for two JOURNEY BETWEEN songs: "Migrations" and "Konti."

The magic of the music lies in its wide-eyed restraint, a subtle soul that speaks softly but carries a big stick. Escape Magazine.

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