The Meeting Pool
BAKA BEYOND - The Meeting Pool


1. Woosi
2. Ancestor's Voice
3. Lupé
4. Ohureo
5. Meeting of Tribes
6. Journey
7. Ndaweh's Dream
8. Booma Lena

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'The Meeting Pool' is an uplifting collection of tunes based on the traditional music of the Baka Forest of Cameroon, Around which former 'Outback' guitarist Martin Cradick has woven an intricate pattern of ideas to create an overall sound that is relaxing yet invigorating.

The contribution of French violinist Paddy Le Mercier is particularly impressive and he demonstrates his versatility by adding an evocative middle eastern flavour to the hauntingly enchanting 'Meeting of the Tribes' whilst the soaring melody on 'Woosi' perfectly compliments Martin Cradick's infectious guitar and the lifting vocals of Su Hart and Kate Budd.

The eight tracks on this LP are sure to appeal to anyone who appreciates music played with feeling and imagination.

Steve Taylor - "Rock'n'Reel" - Oct '95

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