Miles Apart by Leon Hunt

Leon Hunt- Miles Apart


1. Avogadro's Number
2. Schottische[Listen]
3. Miles Apart[Listen]
4. Caravan
5. The Safe Return of the Venture
6. James[Listen]
7. The Radio Detective[Listen]
8. The Silver Spire[video]
9. Goodbye Morai
10. Nuages

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Leon Hunt's first solo offering is a true "transatlantic session" with as much of the recording taking place in Nashville, TN as in Leon's home town of Bath, England. "Miles Apart" features some of the best acoustic musicians from both the US and the UK* and effortlessly spans several musical disciplines. Most noticeable are Bluegrass, Jazz and Celtic music, styles that Leon describes as being "natural bed partners". Whilst Bill Monroe was embracing his Scottish heritage Earl Scruggs was busy re-working New Orleans jazz tunes. Bluegrass music has always provided a strong connection between traditional music and more improvisational forms of music like jazz".

*Flook, Stuart Duncan, Daily Planet, Ben Winship, Viktor Krauss, Matt Flinner, David Grier, John Joe Kelly, Rob Ickes, Michael McGoldrick

"He sits along-side Michael McGoldrick and Flook just as easily as with bluegrass masters Stuart Duncan and David Grier - and believe me, these people don't throw their lot in with just anybody" - Nick Barraclough, BBC Radio 2

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