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registered UK charity number 1057668

Global Music Exchange was formed to raise money for the Baka Pygmies from the sale and usage of their music and to help them use it to protect and develop their forest home in a sustainable way.
We are presently funding a trip to continue work on the Music House site, to complete construction of a small health centre and to further discuss with the Baka future development projects.
Some Baka musicians will be coming to UK to perform in May 2006. We will be helping them obtain passports and visas for this o our current trip.

More information is on the One Heart website.

I would like to make £10 donations (pounds sterling) to help the Baka help themselves.

Please note that all donations are in multiples of £10

Cheques or money orders (in Pounds Sterling or US dollars please) can be sent to:
Global Music Exchange, PO Box 2260, BATH, BA1 5XA, UK.

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