Dance the Devil Away

OUTBACK - Dance the Devil Away


1. Cuban Connections
2. Aziz Aziz
3. Two in the Bush
4. Desert Rain
5. What Can I Say
6. Medina
7. Dance the Devil Away
8. Animal Life

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Having one or two drummers around made it possible for Outback to have a more rhythmic groove and take some of the percussive onus off the didgeridoo. By the same token, the addition of Paddy LeMercier on half of the album's tracks brought a little fuller sound to Outback's melodic complement. Subsequent to this album, Outback underwent nuclear fission, but the surviving bands (Dr. Didg and Baka Beyond) are both doing fine, thank you; both turned in new material for release in 1995.

"Outback crosses the cultural music barriers and interweaves them without pretentious artifice. Highly recommended." THE MUSIC REVUE.

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