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1. Angel
2. Giving Your Life Away
3. Journey
4. Innocent or Guilty?
5. Live On
6. Kiska
7. Burning Times
8. Fire Within
9. Seven Days a Week

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Digitally recorded onto ADAT at the "Big Green Gathering 1997, powered by the Rinky Dink mobile bicycle-powered sound system. This remarkable machine creates a peace-loving party atmosphere at festivals and street parties, and helps maintain the peace at "Reclaim the Streets" rallies. The band "Shak Shak" often play at these events. Centred around Ces's uplifting songs, there is a floating line up. This recording includes performances by Su Hart (on guitar and vocals) and Martin Cradick (on mandolin) from "http://web.ukonline.co.uk/baka/bakab.htm" TARGET="_blank">Baka Beyond, along with Nik Turner (on saxaphone) of Hawkwind fame. The positive spirit of the summer festivals is contained on this album!


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