1. Medley
(i.I See Winter
ii. Ming Jah
iii. Sogo)

4. Adukbé (Tomorrow)
5. Creation
6. Sukanisha
7. Street Dance [Listen]
8. Bilebo
9. Evening Song
10. The Lightening Pot

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"Sogo" is a Ghanaian drum also called "the Lightening Pot" due to its use to call the lightening spirit in times of drought.

Baka Beyond's upbeat acoustic dance music is characterised by delightful harmonies and a rhythmic delicacy imported directly from the African rain forests.

The new album "Sogo" came into being when Martin Cradick invited 4 musicians from West Africa and 4 musicians from the Celtic fringes of Europe to join Baka Beyond for an extensive tour. During this intensely creative time of playing together, new songs evolved that are a fusion of individual talents and traditions.

The magic of the music lies in its wide-eyed restraint, a subtle soul that speaks softly but carries a big stick. Escape Magazine.

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