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Dance the Devil Away
Released March 1992, re-released Sept 2005


Released Oct 1990, Re-released Sept 2005


Didgeridoo & Guitar
Released Sept 1988


Graham Wiggins and Martin Cradick started Outback with the rather unprepossessing cassette album named after their respective instruments: Didgeridoo and Guitar. Their first album for Hannibal, BAKA, primarily featured only the two founders, but by the time Outback recorded again, it had grown from a duo to a quartet. The rhythm section included drummer Ian Campbell and Senegalese percussionist Sagar N'Gom. Also guesting on 1991's DANCE THE DEVIL AWAY was former Malicorne violinist Patrick LeMercier (credited as "Paddy" on the Outback album). Following the tour supporting DANCE THE DEVIL AWAY, Outback veered off in two separate directions, with Martin forming Baka Beyond with his wife, Su Hart, and Graham assembling Dr. Didg with ex-Outback drummer Ian Campbell. Both groups have recorded for Hannibal, but recent converts to their respective bands would be well advised to check out the wellsprings from which the new groups draw.

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